Uncle Sam Wants Your Children

The Maryland State Board has ruled to allow a curriculum in middle and high schools that will teach children that homosexuality is perfectly ok. The curriculum will also teach children the correct way use a condom. Great. Just what our kids should be learning in school. I guess since they are failing at teaching kids how to read and do math, they’ve decided to teach our kids more about sex. They’ve been doing that for a while, and just look how successful they are! The teenage pregancy rate is doing very well. STD’s are also doing very well. So finally, the state schools have found something they are good at – corrupting our children.

If parents don’t want their children taught this curriculum, well, too bad. The state board wrote, although a parent does have a right to control the upbringing of a child, “that right is not absolute. It must bend to the State’s duty to educate its citizens”. Nice. Since when is it the State’s “duty” to corrupt my children or indoctrinate them with ideas that are not ours?

Read the full article here.


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