Does a fish know its wet?

Why is it so easy to see what other people should do or shouldn’t do, and it is SO hard to see that clearly in your own life? Its so easy to tell others (or at least think about telling others), “Just watch what you eat”, “Get organized”, “Clean your house and stop coming up with excuses”, “Go back to school”, “Get a better job”, etc., etc., etc. So who tells us these things? And if someone did, would you really listen? It’s so easy to just get angry, get offended and start listing back all the things THEY should do. How do you look at your own life and really see it? How do you look at your personality from the outside – you know, the way others really see you, not they way you hope you come across? I’m not sure its possible. When you are so immersed in something, you stop seeing it objectively. You start taking on characteristics of whatever is around you, and you don’t even realize it.

So, does a fish know its wet?


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