So after a “leave of blog absence” for almost 2 months, I suppose I should have something to write about.

We went “up North” for a quick whirlwind trip to visit family. 4 days in New York, 3 days in Pennsylvania, and 2 days in Delaware. Plus 1 1/2 days of driving and time at the airport. Oh, What Fun!

So back to the daily grind. Kate’s in England and will be returning on Monday, the 18th. Zach turns 8 on the 19th, Josh leaves for a week of summer camp in Colorado on Thursday, and then before we know it, July will be here.

Adoption is currently on hold – it’s rather expensive for anyone who didn’t know it. Unfortunately, we’d love to just jump in, but adopting from Korea requires a payment of about $17,000 when we receive a referral. It could take about a year or so to receive a referral, but we honestly don’t see how we can come up with an “extra” $17,000, and that doesn’t include other fees or travel. Hmmm.

Ok, so maybe I really don’t have anything to write about. For once, my life is pleasantly boring. I’m sure I’ll cook up something exciting soon. Stay tuned….


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