Purpose of a blog

So, I stated in my first post that this is to keep in touch with family, friends and total strangers. Now I’m including “little brothers of long time friends’ who you haven’t seen in 9 years 3 months and 28(?) days”. Ok, Lisa, you’ll have to assist with the date count. Is that about right?

Now, for friends who have started a blog to keep track of certain events regarding a really long process used by the rich and famous (as well as the poor and obscure) to add to their famliy size – you really need to actually post things in order for us to stay in touch with current events. KWIM?

Events here: let’s just say it doesn’t look like Ethiopia is where we’re adopting from (at least not this time). Yes, we were approved. Yes, it’s more affordable than most programs. Yes, there is a TREMENDOUS need for homes for the kids there. But. and that’s a big BUT. (“He touched the Butt” – from Nemo, I know you’ve seen it, don’t lie.) It just doesn’t feel right for us. Not right now.

We entered into this process envisioning a child with Asian features. Is it wrong to select the country to adopt from based on the appearance of the people who live there? I don’t think so. I mean, when you have biological kids, you kind of have a bit of an idea of what they’ll look like because you look in the mirror every day and you look at your spouse every day (or almost) and at some point in time (and still for many of us lucky ones married to amazingly attractive people both inside and out) you were physically attracted to that person. Since Tom spent soooo much time while in the Navy in Asian countries, and I’ve always found the eyes to be very gentle and soothing, it makes sense to us to “go with our first instinct” and adopt from Asia. ALSO, my family is a little bit racist. Some of them. A little. So we’re going to adopt from the part of the world that will cause the least resistance. Of course, if we didn’t want to cause any uproar we wouldn’t adopt at all, but we like to stir things up a little. So this’ll be fun.

Oh, the country of choice today? Not China again. Nope. I don’t want to wait 3 years. We’ve already established that I’m not patient. Let’s see. That leaves: Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan (some parts), Nepal, Japan (no international adoptions), Hong Kong…..

Oh, we’ll not make the announcement yet. I hate to announce things then change my mind and have to explain it.


One thought on “Purpose of a blog

  1. Sarah Ann Smith

    Tanya….your comment came through to my blog (sarahannsmith.blogspot.com) as “no reply,” but there was a hotlink on your name, so sure enough here you are!Yeti is a Tibetan Mastiff. They are thought to have come out of the Himalayas to Europe with Alexander the Great and have been the foundation stock for the giant breeds in Europe. If you look at Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, Great Pyrenees and Bernese Mountain Dogs, they all look kind of alike (except for color), and they all look like Tibetans. These dogs (Do Kyi) aren’t true mastiffs, but the Brits who gave them the name used it to mean “humongous dog”…..Yeti is currently 152 pounds, tho I expect when he blows coat in early summer he’ll lose at leastz 2 pounds of hair!Good luck on the adoption journey… two of my dearest friends in Maine have adopted…hannah and Bart got Nina just less than a month ago, and I get to meet Nina on MONDAY! WOOHOO!Cheers, Sarah


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